Motorsport Books

There are loads of books out there on “motorsport” this and that. . . The selection here covers basic and very useful aspects of different disciplines involved in racing, from a more practical perspective (rather than the advanced theoretical side)

Aero: Race car aerodynamics — Katz

Vehicle dynamics:  Race car vehicle dynamics — Milliken; Race car engineering — Rowley

Power train: High performance fuel injection systems — Banish; Enginge management — Banish; Manual gearbox design — Stokes

Chassis: Racing chassis and suspension design – Smith

Composites: Competition car composites – McBeath

Data engineering: Data power — BuddyFey; Analysis techniques for Race car — Segers

Overview: Race car engineering and mechanics — Valkenburgh; F1 technology — Wright; Haynes RedBull F1 car manual; The science of F1 design — Tremayne

There are also loads of forums regarding race car technology, some better than others.


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