YOU need hands! — are we loosing our grasp????

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

I recently came across a very very interesting and true article in the E&T Mag. (  IET’s magazine – :

It is about the way we tend to do less and less with our hands, less labour and more and more “thinking”. I’ve put thinking in brackets because filling up some forms and writing some boring reports requires far less actual thinking than mending a  faulty gearbox, cd-player, or whatever other device. And it’s so much more un-rewarding – picture this:

– So, how was your day?

-Well, I filled this forms, wrote those reports etc… How about you?

-Me, hmmm… Fixed the 6 speed semi-automatic gearbox on my car 🙂

– Wooooow, now that’s cool!

Well… You get the point, it’s a HUGE difference. Problem is that school and even universities tend to  teach you more and more how to fill forms – It’s amazing how much accent they put on how you write and arrange things and not what you actually write there- these can get frustrating from time to time  🙂

OK, to wrap things up, the book that says more about this is:

The Case for Working with Your Hands

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