HI-FI Listening room

Posted: September 10, 2010 in Work in progress :D

Hy… It’s been quite a while but being away

from all the chaos is a good way to spend the summer 🙂

well… not ALL the chaos.

Because I am crazy about music and audio stuff I finished my listening room this summer.  It’s a 6x5x2.8 meter room dedicated 100% to my hi-fi passion. . . And this type of room needs a bit more than a sofa and a set of speakers – well, initially that’s all I had in it but the sound was just unbearable.

So…after a little talk to an acoustics specialist and a bunch of books and articles read I drew up some specs for what was needed:

– sound absorbers on front, side and rear wall.

– sound diffusers and dispersers.

– a few bass traps for testing.

The problem with all these is only one: price! very very very high price. So the cheapest way is to go DIY. . .

the absorbers were made from acoustic sponge and the synthetic fiber is added to liniarize the response at higher frequencies. There is a 5 cm airgap behind the lateral and 10cm gap behind the front ones.

The difference they make in sound is more than 100% 🙂 – My speakers are a diy high-end project and I know how they should sound. well, at first I thought there was something missing mid-range disconnected  or similar, unbearable sound. After the treatment and some minor tweaks everything was back to normal and the sound is almost perfect.

I still have to add some absorbers on the ceiling but this only come next Wednesday so pictures then.

usefull links:  http://www.auralex.com/


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