New toy on the desk

Posted: April 2, 2011 in Everything and anything

Ok, considering that I invested some time/ money and effort in my listening room (see older post) I thought it might be a good idea to measure it.

The first sweeps using a simple 20-20k Hz sine generator showed a room resonance around 60Hz that was quite annoying! Unfortunately there was no more time to improve anything – the room sits in my parents house – Romania, and I sit in Birmingham UK. But there is still enough to improve!

Lately a nice piece of kit caught my eye РXTZ room-analyzer. Looked like what I needed to finish up my room design, so I bought one from Рthe main retailer for England.

The experience I had with it proved positive. It’s very simple to use, gives good – similar results on consecutive measurements and has other features except room-analysis – you can do near-field measurements with it, meaning you can measure the response (past crossover) of each speaker driver.

There are a few other nice things you can use it for but I must test further myself.


All in all it is a good investment if you feel you are not getting the most of your audio set-up. It’s also a very good tool in case you plan to create a dedicated listening room in the near future!


Here are the pictures of my listening room:

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