PSoC 1 dev board

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is a small dev board for the PSoC 1. if you are interested post a reply and I will upload all schematics and CAD.  

  1. kmmankad says:

    I read on psocdeveloper about your PSoC3 PCB.Hows that going along? I too am on a similar path,so we could exchange notes.

  2. Are you working on a PSoC3 board as well?

  3. Hello,

    Sorry for the super late reply but I had some tough couple of weeks. I did a PSOC3 board but the component print is quite hard on DIY PCB making process – so I decided to buy a couple of adapters and just make an expansion board.
    How is yours going?

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