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This is a working example of a PSoC project using the wi-fi from Artaflex.  It’s very hard to find a simple example as this one so I post it here. The important thing to remember is that it’s my first fully working code on this RF module AND I did not implement any feature yet. unfortunately I cannot attach the project, so use this link from PSoCDeveloper:


Now, get the PSoC set it on 5V, connect 100ohm resistors and 3.3v zener diodes to Port2 pin 7-3 and feed the RF with 3.3v from a separate supply. Remember to keep grounds connected.

If you do not want to go trough that, although it’s the easy way BY FAR!!!! you can do this:

1- use 3.3v on both PSoC and RF — unless you have a 3v LCD you MUST NOT use the display. Because reading data back from LCD at 5v will mess around with  the ZEN state of the circuit 🙂

2- use an LCD driver- 3.3v -> 5v.

3- NOT use an LCD but some LEDs you set yourself.