Posted: June 13, 2010 in Everything and anything

Well… tuning is cool — no matter what people say everything can be tuned! It’s basically adapting something to your particular need, and enhancing performance in a particular direction(this is usually done sacrificing other areas) – take cars for example : get a very popular chip-tuning, actually a remap of the engine, that is supposed to give you performance and reduce consumption– come on… how is the poor engine suppose to run faster, better on less gas?  this example goes to most domains: computers- more power-> more heat-> larger electricity bill… and so on.

It’s funny how most people relate tuning with cars (thank you Fast and Furious — btw first and last films are great ) but tuning goes for everything.

I really really love it! It’s hard and sometimes seems impossible but the feeling you have when a project you work on succeeds it’s just amazing, similar to building something from scratch. I’ve been doing this with most of my stuff… from the car I had to cd-players speakers toys… anything.

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