Alton Towers UK

Posted: June 26, 2010 in Everything and anything

Fun fun fun… The park is lots bigger than I expected and the roller-coasters are quite fun. The biggest problem is that you wait in endless cues to get on…but that’s normal for most fun parks.

I did manage to go on all rides in one day, but left the park with the last bus 1930- if you actually decide to stay all day, after 5-530 the cues are much smaller.

The most interesting rides were Oblivion and Air. Oblivion is a purely simple concept- a vertical free fall. Amazingly cool and fast.

Well Air was a new concept for me, because you get to stay on your belly, not the normal seating. It’s really cool, you can imagine driving one of the future space-crafts/ futuristic bikes, like the babies from this link 🙂

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