IET Library in London

Posted: July 2, 2010 in Everything and anything

OK… this is geek-ish but I’ll post it anyway.  I spent my last 2 weeks reading around the IET in Savoy place.  It’s in central London so you can get there really easy.

The books are good but a bit outdated (well I compare it to the Coventry library and I must say Coventry is just better! – because I’m interested in so many different engineering domains I really like that all the books are there to grab ) and IET’s library is electronics only! But you find everything and anything about electronics- digital/analogue, radio, telecom, soldering,- except any for the AVR (Atmel’s uC ) – big minus for them!

The reading room and the desks are good and there’s free water :)))

Oh, you have to be a member to get inside but for students it’s really cheap to join and you get the E&T mag with loads of cool stuff about engineering inside.

Highly recommended !!!!

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